Facilities and Rentals

Wabanna Christian Camp & Conference Center is a non-denominational Christian ministry located on a beautiful 23-acre point where the Rhode and West Rivers converge into the Chesapeake Bay. Our mission is to provide an environment which directs people to the love of Jesus.

Rental groups enjoy the large dining hall where cafeteria style meals are served, the chapel, various meeting areas, and a wide array of recreational activities. Additionally, we offer rental packages that include daily or hourly use of our bonfire facility and/or picnic area. Overall, our aim is to provide you with a Christ-like atmosphere for your group's enjoyment. Please see below for more information, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions, inquiries concerning rates and pricing, or if you wish to make reservations.


***Click here to watch a video of our conference center, and get an idea of the facilities we offer.



W.A Emmans Lodge Chapel

Our largest available meeting room is the W.A. Emmans Lodge Chapel. The maximum capacity is 289 people seated theatre-style.  The Chapel is furnished with a TV/ VCR and DVD player, overhead, projector and screen, sound system with two cordless microphones and an upright piano.  Inquire with Wabanna staff as to specific equipment usage and details.  The Chapel is additionally surrounded by windows on three sides, allowing for a beautiful view of the Chesapeake Bay.

W.A Emmans Lodge Sitting Room

The Sitting Room connects the Lobby to the Main Chapel, and is often used as a quiet place to gather and read or talk.  One entire wall of the Sitting Room is lined with books that your guests are welcome to browse.  It is beautifully furnished with various antiques and living room style couches and chairs.


W.A Emmans Lodge Lobby

The Lobby of the Lodge is equipped with both men’s and women’s bathrooms, a pay phone, as well as a large desk and chairs that can be used for your registration time.  This room usually serves as the first place guests meet to get any necessary information from their group leaders.

W.A Emmans Lodge Sun Garden Room

 Located on the far end of the Lodge Chapel, this room resembles an upscale screened-in porch with living room style furniture and floor to ceiling screened in windows, which afford a full view of the Chesapeake Bay.   It has several unique antique furniture pieces as well, and provides a great area for people with children to sit outside of the main meeting, simultaneously enabling them to see into the chapel through the adjoining windows. Additionally, the Sun Garden Room provides an ideal setting for small group meetings, and/or personal prayer and devotional time.

 Dorm 1 and 3 Meeting Rooms

In addition to the meeting facilities available in the W.A. Emmans Lodge, both of our dormitories include attached air-conditioned/heated meeting rooms with a maximum seating capacity of 55 (theater style). Each meeting room is equipped with a sound system to play CD's and cassette tapes, piano, DVD/VCR, overhead projector, and a supply of tables and chairs.

Recreational Hall

Our recreational hall offers a wide array of programming opportunities. One-half of the rec hall is supplied with several pool, foosball, air-hockey, and ping-pong tables, while the additional half serves as a small meeting area, capable of seating 120 theater-style.


Our gymnasium is equipped with a full sound system. Additionally, a wide variety of sports balls and equipment is available for use.

Food and Beverage

            The Wabanna Food Service Team is happy to provide all of your food and beverage needs during your stay with us.  No outside food or beverages are to be brought on the property with the exception of our picnic packages. 

The Dining Hall is equipped with twelve cafeteria style tables, each holding approximately twelve people.  This provides a maximum capacity of 144 people with the option of adding an additional table if necessary.  An attached, screened-in porch holds any spill-over that may occur, weather permitting. The dining porch can seat approximately thirty additional people. 



All meals at Wabanna are served cafeteria style. The meal times are as follows:

            Breakfast:  8:00am

            Lunch:  12:30pm

            Dinner:  5:30pm

            Friday night dinners:  6:30pm


A bell will be rung to signify the start of each meal.  When all of the guests are seated in the Dining Hall, announcements are made, and a blessing is said for the food, either by a Wabanna staff member or a willing guest.  Depending on the size of the group, a Wabanna staff member will dismiss each table individually to get their meals to avoid congestion.  A coffee and tea bar is set up for all meals, and a salad bar is set up for both lunch and dinner, thus giving a healthy vegetarian option to all guests.  If there are specific meal requests or theme ideas, please speak with the Director of Hospitality and we will be happy to do whatever we can to accommodate your requests.



Wabanna can provide your group with a variety of snacks ranging from fruit and vegetable platters to Buffalo wings and pizza.  Snacks can be served in the Dining Hall or Lobby of the Lodge up till 10:30pm, however food and beverages (with the exception of water) are not allowed in any other parts of the buildings. In addition, a cash snack bar supplied with various candy, chips and beverages can be opened upon request.



The park and picnic area are available for rent for picnics.  Only groups coming just for the picnic period are permitted to bring in their own food and beverage.  A picnic is limited to a four hour time frame unless renting various recreational activities which extend beyond those hours.  Rental rates are limited to use of the picnic area and designated bathrooms only. Inquire with the Director of Hospitality as to pricing and availability.



Wabanna’s beach front bonfire pit is also available to rent.  In addition to providing the wood and building the fire, Wabanna Food Service can set up S’mores fixings, a hot-dog roast, coffee bar, hot chocolate and a variety of other things.  Inquire with the Director of Hospitality as to pricing and availability.




            Wabanna has many recreation options for your next event.  Please inquire as to pricing and availability of the following:


Swimming Pool (open Memorial Day through Labor Day)

Power Boats                            Indoor Climbing Wall

Banana Boating                        Outdoor Climbing Wall

Tubing                                      Team Building

Sailing                                      Low Elements Course

Canoeing                                  Kayaking

In addition to the above, the following are available at no additional cost for your guests use:


Tetherball                                 Outdoor Volleyball Net

Tennis Courts                           Soccer Field

Gymnasium                               Outdoor Basketball Courts



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