Updated April 2021

Dear Wabanna Families,

It was our blessing to have had the privilege to serve your family throughout the summer of 2020 across our Day and Overnight Camp Programs.  All in all, we were able to serve just under 1,100 campers safely and successfully and we are already making preparations to ensure that summer camp 2021 is even better!

From “Day One” of this pandemic, we have been committed to adapting every “BEST PRACTICE” into our own policies, protocols and procedures.  Our measures continue to meet or exceed every Maryland and AA County Health Department Guideline.  Moving forward, our commitment will be no different as we adapt to new and proven guidance.

Thank you for the trust that you have placed in us to care for your precious children and to provide them with a safe, fun, memorable and Gospel-Truth-Centered experience.

As you consider summer camp for 2021, please take the time to read through these policies which are posted here.  As always, we are eager to answer any question that you may have about our programs and what they can provide for your child.

On behalf of the entire Camp Wabanna staff,

Neal Luebbers
Executive Director