Frequently Asked Questions

What is your mailing address?
101 Likes Road
Edgewater, MD 21037
What is your general e-mail address?
What is your Tax ID?


Camp Wabanna is a 501 c3 non profit organization.

Do you have a map of your property?
Yes, you can view our property map here.
What time is Check-in and Check-out?

Day Camp:

  • Check-in: 8:30-9am each day
  • Pick-up: 5-5:30pm each day

Early care is available from 7:30-8:30am for an additional fee of $10 per day.

Residential Camp:

  • Check-in: Sunday 6:15pm-7:15pm
  • Pick-up: Friday 7:00pm-7:30pm
What should a Residential Camper bring?
Essential items: sleeping bag or blanket and sheets, pillow, play clothes, underclothes, pajamas, lightweight jacket or sweatshirt, sneakers, flip flops or sandals, toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.), sunscreen, towel, one-piece bathing suit/trunks, rain gear, Bible, pen, medications (supervised by Health room).

Optional items: camera, flashlight, water shoes, laundry bag, tennis raquet, baseball glove, fishing pole, fan, stationary and stamps, bug spray.

Casual modest clothing that can get dirty should be packed (no short shorts, skirts, halter-tops or belly shirts). Please have camper’s name on all clothes and belongings. One piece bathing suits must be worn for girls (tankini’s that cover the belly completely are okay). No Speedo’s for boys, please.

What should a Residential Camper NOT bring?
Campers may NOT bring any of the following items to camp: cell phones, laptops, radios, TV’s, gaming devices, MP3 players, any electronic devices, gum, knives, cigarettes/tobacco, drugs, alcohol, fireworks, or firearms. Wabanna staff reserves the right to confiscate any inappropriate items; they will be returned to camper’s parents upon departure.
What should my DAY CAMPER bring?

Campers will need to bring the following items: *Face covering and hand sanitizer.  Bathing suit (for girls, one piece or tankini’s that cover the belly completely are okay), towel, tennis shoes, water shoes, change of clothes, Bible, pen, medications (authorized by Doctor and supervised by Health Room).  Lunch and 2 snacks are provided.

Download Packing List HERE.

What should my DAY CAMPER NOT bring?

Campers may NOT bring any of the following items: cell phones, extra food/snacks (unless otherwise discussed with camp staff in the event of a food allergy),  gaming devices, MP3 players, knives, cigarettes/tobacco, drugs, alcohol, fireworks or firearms.

Do you offer financial assistance?


Our Financial Assistance Program is intended for those families and children that are in true financial need. A completed Financial Assistance application must be completed online. Please contact our office for more information, 410-798-0455. 

What types of activities do you offer for Camp?

Kayaking, Crabbing, Banana Boating, Tubing, Sailing, Giant Swing, Zip Line, High Elements, Low Elements Course, 2 Climbing Walls, Archery, Archery Tag, Swimming Pool, Basketball, Tennis, Crafts, Gaga Ball, Group Games… and more!

What types of Bible activities do campers do?

Campers have Bible study in the morning with their cabin.

Senior (12-16yrs) campers have Chapel in the evening. There is a different speaker each week. Juniors (7-11yrs) have chapel with the Day Campers (4-13yrs) in the mornings.

You can read our doctrinal statement here.


What are the hours for your Day Camp?

Day Camp runs from 8:30am-5:30pm.

Lunch and 2 snacks are included in the weekly price.

Early care is available for $10 for the hour of 7:30-8:30am with breakfast included. It is $10 per day and $50 for the entire week of early care.


Can Residential campers request roommates?

Yes, we allow no more than 3 friend requests.

In the online registration process, there is a spot to write down 3 roommate requests. Campers must be NO MORE than 12 months apart and the same gender. Remember, the age break down of Juniors (7-11 years old) and Seniors (12-16 years old). If the age difference is between 11 and 12 years old, they must get permission from the registrar (subject to availability). The requested friend must also request your camper.


Can Day Campers do friend requests?

Yes, we allow no more than 3 friend requests if they meet the follow requirements:

1.  They are the same gender and NO MORE than 12 months apart.  (Note: 4 & 5 year olds are grouped together and so 5 year olds and 6 year old friend requests cannot be honored.)

2.  The requested friend must also request your camper.


How many campers are in a cabin or group?

There are 8-10 kids per cabin with one counselor for residential camp.

There are 8-10 campers with one counselor for day camp.

For Day Campers ages 4 & 5, the ratio is one counselor for 5-6 campers.


How are the campers divided by age?
Residential camp:

Juniors 7-11 years old

Seniors 12-16 years old


Day Camp:

4-5 year olds

6-7 year olds

8-10 year olds

11-13 year olds

*the age breakdown may vary depending on the total number of campers registered each week.


What is the daily schedule during summer camp?
Please visit the Residential Camp and Day Camp pages to view the schedules.
Do you have a video of your camp in action?

Yes! Visit our General Information page to view a video of our summer camp program.

My camper has to leave early. What is the notification process?

If your camper needs to leave early, please call the office 410-798-0455 and give the time and date that you need to pick them up. We also appreciate an email to have notice of early departure in writing That way your camper will be ready when you arrive. You can also give notice when you check your campers in.

Can I call my camper during their week at camp?

Campers may NOT receive phone calls while at camp. You may send regular mail to your camper. Be sure to include their name and the week they are attending. Our mailing address is 101 Likes Road Edgewater, MD 21037.

We also offer one-way communication through your camper’s dashboard. Simply LOGIN to your account and you can send a message any day during their stay at camp! Messages are delivered to campers once per day, with the cut-off each morning at 10:30am. 

Someone other than me (the legal guardian) is going to pick up or drop off my camper. Do I need to notify the office?


Please email or bring a letter stating the person’s name and that it is okay for them to pick up your camper. Make sure to sign the letter. This is REQUIRED for anyone other than you picking up or dropping off your camper. We will check ID. 

What is the snack shop fee?

Overnight campers have snack shop 2 times a day. They can get candy, soda, water, juices, chips, cookies, ice cream, fruit, nuts and lots of other goodies. They can also use that money for the gift shop. At the end of the week, any money that remains on your camper’s card will be donated towards our Good Samaritan Financial Assistance Program. We require a minimum of $40 to be paid towards snack shop – a maximum of $75 is accepted. On average, parents put $40-$50 towards camper snack shop cards.

Day Camp includes one snack and one drink from our snack shop each day.


How do I find out what weeks are full?
Availability is listed on the Residential Camp page and the Day Camp page.  If you have further questions, call the camp office 410-798-0455.
Will my spot be held if I just start a registration online?


We require completed registration accompanied with a non-refundable $150 Registration Fee. No spot will be held without some form of payment. Full payment is due by May 1st. If registering after May 1st, full payment is required. If payment is not made in full by June 1st, your spot may be forfeited.


Is there a waiting list?

Yes, we do have a waiting list. You can be added to the waitlist through our online registration process. 

Spots only become available if another camper cancels.  This is a rare occurrence, so we encourage you to sign up for a week that is still available. 

Do you offer a refund if I have to cancel my week of camp?

Any cancellation prior to June 1st will forfeit the non-refundable deposit of $150. Any cancellations after June 1st will not be refunded any portion of the registration total. Registrations after May 1st require full payment. 

Do you have CPS policies in place?

Absolutely. In addition to our in-house extensive staff training, we require federal and state background checks of all our staff. We are happy to discuss any specifics of our policies with parents who inquire.

Is there a Parent Handbook?

Yes, we do have a downloadable PDF of our Overnight Camp Parent Handbook or, our Day Camp Parent Handbook!